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Flying Olive Farms and Monemvasia Winery provided Kidonitsa Wine and 300 Red wine.  We had great feedback and numerous calls, thought we would provide more info on these world class Greek WInes. Distribution and retail please contact pskea@flyingolivefarms.com


Kidonitsa White- Kidonitsa is the most acknowledged member of an almost extinct and out-of-the-ordinary group of grape varieties emerging in the last decade out of the region of Lakonia, located in the south-east of the Peloponnese. It is a white grape variety, mainly producing white dry wines, but it also plays a part in the blend of the brand new sweet white wine, PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia. Kidonitsa is just a glimpse of the great potential of that area.

Vine growers of Laconia have been aware of the potential quality of Kidonitsa for several decades. However, the area has many mixed plantings, so obtaining pure Kidonitsa was difficult. That was the situation until about ten years ago when some serious producers decided to make substantial new plantations. It is a variety that produces wine with medium lemony, green color, intense aromas, dominated by notes of ripe quince—called Kidoni in Greek (Kidoni-Kidonitsa). On the palate it is round, soft, and textured. Very few single varietal bottlings are available, with those that are coming out of Laconia. Nevertheless, it will be hardly surprising if winemakers from other regions invest on the prospect of Kidonitsa’s quality.

Kidonitsa exhibits a very singular provenance—the carrier of a rare bloodline—while, at the same time, its aromas and style can instantly charm lovers of aromatic, round white wines. It is very versatile and can be matched with poultry, salads, and white salty cheeses. It is a wine to be consumed within three years from vintage, but the more adventurous connoisseurs could keep a few bottles until the wine is five years old.


Decanter world wine Awards 2008_England – Kidonitsa 2008 – Commended medal

The Balkans International Wine Competition 2012 – Kidonitsa 2011 – SILVER medal

Berliner Wine Trophy 2012_“Summer – Trophy“ The international competition in the capitol city Berlin -Kidonitsa 2011 – GOLD medal
Balkans International Wine Competition 2013 – Kidonitsa 2012 – SILVER medal


Decander World Wine Awards 2014 SILVER medal

Berliner Wine Trophy 2014 – Kidonitsa 2013 – GOLD medal

Derek Smedley MW August 2014 – Kidonitsa 2013 – 89/100 points


100% BLIND TASTING 2015 (A.Larsson & M.Del Monego MW) – Kidonitsa 2013 – 85/100 points


VINISTRA 2015 “THE WORLD OF MALVASIA” – Kidonitsa 2014 – SILVER medal

Decander Asia Wine Awards 2015 – Kidonitsa 2015 – SILVER medal


“300” 2005

Regional Red Dry Wine of Laconia

Grape varieties: Agiorgitiko (70%), Mavraki (30 %)
Vinification: Selected grapes are destemed, crushed inoculated by selected strains of dry active yeast. Color extraction at 28oC. Malolactic fermentation is taken place. Afterwards, the wine is aged for 18 months in new oak barrels.
Wine description: “300” red wine is a blend of Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi. The grapes come from our vineyards located in Velies. The wine derived from the particular area is rich in body, with good acidity and great aromas. The storage in new oak barrels for 18 months gives the wine the aroma of vanilla and a discreet fragrance of wood.
Tasting notes: The “300” wine is richly structured and loaded with complex flavour  reminiscent of dark – red  fruits such as blackberries and black cherries. It leaves in the palate a rich, round, opulent feel. The dark fruit character intermingled with the subtle oak notes in the long finish.
Serving Temperature: 16 – 18 οC
Best Food Matching: The “300” wine  will complement a wide variety of foods from game dishes  to hearty stews, lamb with vegetables and red meats.


Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2012 SILVER MEDAL

The Balkans International Wine Competition 2012 – “300” 2005 – GOLD MEDAL

Berliner Wine Trophy 2013_The international competition in the capitol city Berlin – “300” 2005 – GOLD MEDAL

100% BLIND TASTING 2014 (A.Larsson & M.Del Monego MW)“300” RED 2005 – 91 points

Derek Smedley MW August 2014 – “300” Red 2005 – 92/100 points


– “300” Red – 8/10 pointsproefschrift december 2014/january 2015

The Balkans International Wine Competition 2015 – “300” 2006 – GOLD MEDAL and GOLD TROPHY  as the Best Red dry wine from indigenous varieties

The Balkans International Wine Competition 2015 – “300” 2007 – SILVER MEDAL

JULIA HARDING MW Balcans wines 2015 – “300” 2006 – 18 points (Silver)

JULIA HARDING MW Balcans wines 2015 – “300” 2007 – 17 points (Silver)

Decander Asia Wine Awards 2015 – “300” 2007 – Commended


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